Tired of losing deals to this guy down the street?

It’s tough watching the tail lights of your next paycheck drive off of your lot. Nine out of ten deals are lost because of financing issues. Whether it’s because your in-house financing can’t do the deal or your dealership has no financing options, we can help!

The reason that the dealer down the street is making more money is because he is willing to sell his equipment using outside help to finance construction and commercial equipment. It is really that simple: he’d rather make 70 percent of something than 100 percent of nothing. Frankly, he’s a pretty smart guy. Now it’s your turn!

What we always do for dealers:

  • Return yours & the customer’s phone calls.
  • Determine deal viability quickly.
  • Notify you with good OR bad news.
  • Bad credit clients are given a path to recovery.
  • Accept your credit applications.
  • Bad client news is preceded with a call to you.

Dealer Marketing Program

What you get with Fleet Marketing Solutions is more than someone that takes your credit finance applications. You get a financially-educated team that gets to know your business and your sales staff. After that, we provide you tools that no other lender does that will lead to closing more deals and driving more customers to your company.

Do you really want to light a fire under your sales? We offer a shared marketing program where we can help you move more equipment by driving business your way. Not everyone qualifies for this program, so contact us with questions.

If you are interested in this program please contact Kurt Horn at Fleet Lending Solutions to set up a meeting about commercial vehicle and construction equipment financing.

Needs List


Credit Authorization


Credit Application


Personal Financial Statement