Whether you run a trucking company with a huge fleet of semi trucks or you own a construction firm with a small handful of vehicles that you use to transport your employees to and from job sites, you know how important it is to have the vehicles you need. Even having one vehicle that isn’t running or needing another vehicle to add to your fleet to keep up with demand will put a huge strain on how efficiently your business runs. Maybe you’ve looked at the numbers and realized you might be able to afford to finance part of a new fleet, but you aren’t sure if there are better deals out there than the ones the dealerships or banks are offering you.

Fleet Lending Solutions is here to offer you an alternative to the traditional commercial fleet financing options. Because we are a smaller company that focuses on tailoring commercial vehicle loans to the individual or business instead of applying a “one size fits all” strategy, we are able to finance your business in ways that others just can’t.

The Commercial Fleet Financing Process

Our process is similar to other lenders: you fill out an application, we evaluate your credit report and any other pertinent financial data, and, if working with you at the time makes sound financial sense for all parties, we find a lender who can offer you the best rates for your commercial vehicle financing. Once your loan is approved, the money can be in your hands within a couple days. We work as fast as possible because we know that you do too.

Contact Fleet Lending Solutions today to work with a company who cares about your long-term growth. We won’t stick you with a bad deal because we want to keep working with you in the future. Our goal has always been to foster mutually-beneficial relationships that last.