Being able to compete for contracts is tough, even when you have all the advantages of the best construction equipment and employees. It can be even harder when there are jobs out there you know you could do better than other companies but you’re lacking a few pieces of equipment that would allow you to put in a bid. If you’re sick of losing out on opportunities, contact Fleet Lending Solutions today. We are experts at matching you with the best lenders and rates for construction equipment financing.

Why You Should Finance Construction Equipment Through Us

While you might be able to get a loan for construction equipment through a bank, chances are fairly good that they aren’t as familiar with the industry as you need them to be. Not only can this lead to issues of communication, it might also mean that they turn you down for financing or offer you rates that just won’t work. When you work with us, you’ll be working with a company that not only knows how the industry works but also knows how to find financing that benefits you in the best way.

Our process is simple and quick. First, fill out an application for financing. Then we’ll review it, and search out a lender if we know we can make the deal. Once your loan is approved, the money can be in your hands within a few days. We also make our process open and transparent to you. We provide you with copies of your credit report and other documents that we gain access to that will either help or hurt your chances of financing.

If you need a new bulldozer, front end loader, excavator, dump truck, paver, or pretty much any other piece of construction equipment, get in touch with Fleet Lending Solutions.