At Fleet Lending Solutions, we do everything we can to make it easy for construction companies and commercial trucking companies to afford financing for new trucks and new construction equipment, and now we’ve expanded into helping energy producers afford the financing on new equipment that they need. Basically, we’re your one stop shop for any sort of heavy equipment financing, including oil derricks, drills, and anything else your coal, oil, or natural gas-drilling operation might need in order to keep growing your business.

Why We Should Be Your Energy Production Equipment Financing Company

Working with Fleet Lending Solutions is a surefire way to make the process of securing financing for your new energy production equipment easier than it has ever been before. We can help you with as much of the process as you need: from filling out your application to offering advice about how to improve your credit scores.

Following the completion of your application, we review it and the equipment you’re looking to finance. If we believe that you’d have more luck financing a new piece of equipment instead of a used one, we’ll let you know and talk to you about how your rates on new machinery can actually be more affordable than the rates on used equipment. After that, we send your application to be underwritten. Then we find the lender who is able to give you the best rates possible, and after that, the money is in your hand within a few days. We work fast because you work fast. Don’t let a bank or other lending business hold up your progress.

Contact us today to get started on this process. Don’t wait too long because it could lead to a slowdown of your business and that will put you further behind. Fleet Lending Solutions is the best way for you to get financing for heavy equipment, fleet vehicles, and energy production equipment.